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Backend Team Lead @ vivoo

Huseyin Isik is a Software Developer and Entry Level Backend Team Leader with over 5 years of startup experience in the industry.

His core expertise is Node.js, Nest.js, Express, Vue.js, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Microservices, GitLab CI/CD and Linux. He contributes to open source projects and shares his work on his Github( and GitLab( accounts.

At Vivoo, he is responsible for the backend and process infrastructure of the first home urine test and mobile application supported by artificial intelligence/machine learning. Duties include project maintenance, remote team management, software development lifecycle analysis and planning, code reviews, solution development, continuous integration/continuous deployment, development of scalable monolithic and microservice architectures, database optimization and documentation. It attaches great importance to security and data privacy issues and integrates authentication and authorization technologies such as OAuth 2.0 and AWS Cognito into projects. Additionally, it establishes structures to meet different language and localization requirements for the development of international applications.

By education, he graduated from Marmara University with a pre-bachelor degree in Biomedical Device Technologies and a bachelor's degree from Anadolu University, Department of Management Information Systems. He also holds certifications in NestJS Fundamentals and Introduction to Machine Learning.

For a short period of time, he volunteered as a coding teacher at the Contemporary Life Support Association and gave basic science and coding training to children between the ages of 9-18. In this way, it aims for children to become producers as well as consuming new media and the internet as conscious users.

Huseyin Isik, who has strong written communication skills, attaches importance to teamwork and mentoring. Working in close cooperation with product owners and other stakeholders, it accurately analyzes customer needs and offers solution suggestions. Additionally, it actively uses code reviews and programming techniques to maintain code quality and project standards.

Huseyin Isik is a Backend Team Leader and Software Developer who adopts modern DevOps approaches and is motivated by the desire to constantly learn and improve himself. In addition to his technical skills, he stands out with his leadership, communication, problem solving and basic project management skills.